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Tandoori Cooking

Tandoori Ovens

CHUTNEY uses high powered gas Tandoori Ovens that burn clean and consistently. We cook at blazing hot temperatures to develop a great sear and flavor on our meats and Naan Bread. Meats are marinated and loaded onto long skewers that are then lowered into the oven. The unique cylinder shape of the oven creates an even cooking environment where the skewers are completely surrounded by convection heat. The food is surrounded by and exposed to radiant heat cooking, convection cooking, rotisserie, and also smoking by the food juices that drip down to the bottom and are instantly vaporized. This cooking technique allows for great roasted flavors without adding extra fats or oils to pans or grills.

HandCrafted Naan

Naan is a yogurt based flat bread that is cooked on the walls of the Tandoori Oven. We think that there are few things better than hot Naan right out of the Tandoori Oven. It’s light, crisp, chewy, and tender all at the same time.

We designed our entire concept to get this stuff in your lucky hands whenever you want. It wasn’t easy, but we think it was worth the effort. If bread isn’t made with integrity, it isn’t worth eating.